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How to remember to take your medication: Remind feature

How to remember to take your medication: Remind feature

When you have a thyroid problem, it’s important to take your medication on time to get the most out of it and have a healthier life. But how do you remember to take your medication every time? Everyone who takes prescription drugs probably recognizes the feeling when you get an alarm reminder to take the medication just to find that you have left it behind. You may have forgotten them at your desk at the office or at home. “I have to take the medication right when I get there,” you think to yourself.


Then life gets in the way, and when you get near your pills, you have completely forgotten about them. You probably haven’t planned any extra reminders, so it’s easy to miss the medication completely.


Dose Medbox, a smart pill box, changes this. You get reminders exactly when you need them. 


This is how Dose Medbox works. For example, you have planned to take your Levaxin at 8 am. Then the app will remind you at 8 am. If you then don’t take the pill immediately but have your Dose Medbox nearby, you will receive reminders every 15 minutes until you confirm that you have taken your medication. You can change that interval from 15 minutes to either 5 or 10 minutes as well, in the app settings, depending on what you prefer.


If your Dose Medbox is distant (not nearby), you only get one reminder at 8 am. That way you won’t be disturbed with unnecessary extra reminders. You will get continuous reminders from your phone again when you have your Dose Medbox nearby. In this way, you maximize the chance of taking your medication every time.

Remind & Bring features: this is how you remember to take your meds

Remind & Bring features: this is how you remember to take your meds
How does the Dose Medbox app choose how it should remind you to take your medication?



The app can “see” where your Dose Medbox is. There are three distance ranges: Close (within 5 meters), Nearby (within 100 meters) and Distant (more than 100 meters away).


These three distance ranges help to determine how the app should remind you to take your meds and to bring your Dose Medbox.


You can also check in the app where your Dose Medbox is. It will either show if it’s Close or Nearby, or you get the address of the place where you left it.


When it’s time to take your medication, your phone will first give you a reminder. If your Dose Medbox is Distant you will only get this one reminder and no more because you can’t take your pills at the moment. If your Dose Medbox is nearby, you will receive continuous reminders.


If your Dose Medbox is Distant when you receive your first reminder. Your phone will send you continuous reminders as soon as your Dose Medbox is nearby again. You will receive continuous reminders until you confirm that you have taken your medication. You can do that with the red button in Dose Medbox. You can then check if you took your meds by having it marked as taken in the app.


The different distance ranges are also used to remind you to bring your Dose Medbox. The default setting is that the phone reminds you to bring your Dose Medbox when it’s not nearby anymore (more than 100 meters away from you). It is to be able to return home if you will be away when you will be taking your next medicine.


Do you always want your Dose Medbox close to you, for example in your pocket or purse? Then you can use “Close” as the setting under the “Bring” function. You then get reminders to bring Dose Medbox as soon as you left it with only 5-10 meters.

Our Story

Our Story


Most people want to take their medicine on time and use a lot of tricks to remember it. For example, you might be putting the medication in particular places where you often are and setting alarms on the phone. Still, you can often miss your medicines because you are not close to it when you get a reminder, or not get the reminder when you are close to the medication.

Dose Medbox is a combination of a smart pillbox and an app that has been created to help people with their medication. It all started when one of the company’s founders, Per Dellborg, got hyperthyroidism. It’s a thyroid disease that can be treated with medication. Still, for Per’s part, it was eventually rectified by the removal of the thyroid gland. Without a thyroid gland, lifelong daily medication with Levaxin is necessary.

Per’s active lifestyle with irregular working hours and travel made it easy to miss taking medicine. Although he usually brought the medication with him, it happened that he forgot it at home and received the reminder later. Per needed something that would both remind him to take medicine and to bring it with him when he left home. He was determined to find a solution.

Per met Peiman, Parastoo, Alex, and Joakim, who work with product development. Parastoo also had thyroid disease (hypothyroidism). It became clear that more people needed help in remembering their medications. That’s when the idea of ​​Dose Medbox took off. A smart pillbox connected to the phone seemed to be the perfect solution to keep track of the medication. To both remember to take and bring the medicine. Yet, such a thing didn’t exist at the time. 

It took two years of dedicated teamwork by five people who worked alongside their regular jobs to produce the smart pillbox and mobile app Dose Medbox. 

In December 2019, the first complete Dose Medbox was launched. It can be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth. In the Dose Medbox app, you can plan your medicine, and the phone reminds you to take medication if Dose Medbox is nearby. You confirm that you have taken your medicine by pressing the red button in Dose Medbox or by checking the box in the app. You will get a reminder to bring your Dose Medbox if you forget it somewhere.

Dose Medbox is continually evolving, and we improve the pillbox and the app quickly after we get user feedback. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how to make the smart pillbox better, we would love to hear from you.