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Dose Medbox™ (Smart pill reminder) Pre-order

895 kr
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Dose Medbox™ (Smart pill reminder) Pre-order

895 kr
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Dose Medbox™ is a smart container for your pills. It connects to your phone. The App reminds you to take your pills when you have them close at hand. The app also reminds you to Bring them with you. It has two compartments for 1 to 2 pills and starts to beep when it is time.

You can pre-order now and make sure you get one in May 2021.


Dose Medbox™ is made of a food-graded, hygienic, non-toxic, and non-allergenic material. Your pills will be safe and dry as long as it’s not submerged in water. Dose Medbox™ fits perfectly in a pocket or handbag.


It's easy to plan your meds with the app. Meds can have flexible time intervals, for example, every second day.


You get reminders until you confirm that you have taken your medication if you are close to your Dose Medbox. If Dose Medbox™ is not nearby, you’ll get only one reminder.


It's easy to Confirm that you have taken your medication. Press the red button in your Dose Medbox™ instead of in the app.


You can also be reminded to Bring your Dose Medbox™ with you. Choose between keeping it “close” (within 30 m) or “nearby” (within 100 m). You’ll then get a notification with sound when you leave that circle without your Dose Medbox.

Battery: C2032