Five Smart Tips: Managing ADHD in Everyday Life

Five Smart Tips: Managing ADHD in Everyday Life

Juggling multiple tasks and having a lot going on in your mind? Here are five tips on how to maintain a good overview and structure in your daily life with ADHD. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Checklists and To-Do Lists

List your tasks on one single list, including both everyday and enjoyable tasks. It's a good idea to have a list for personal tasks and another for work-related ones. Ensure clarity in your list and avoid using parallel systems, such as post-it notes, which can confuse your mind. Tick off tasks as you complete them and add new ones promptly to avoid forgetting or having unnecessary thoughts lingering in your mind.


A weekly calendar with specific time slots can provide an even clearer overview. Write down your tasks from your checklist or to-do list into the calendar. Avoid overloading yourself with too many tasks on the same day to prevent stress. If you're using a paper calendar, place it somewhere visible, like on the fridge.

Prioritize and take it step by step

What's most important now and what can wait until tomorrow or a few days later? Not everything needs to be done all at once. Prioritize your tasks using numbers or letters, where, for example, the letter A or the number 1 represents the most important task.


Can you prepare for tomorrow the night before or prepare for tonight’s dinner in the morning? Lay out your clothes the night before to avoid stress in the morning. Can you take out food from the freezer to defrost for dinner? Again, checklists are a great way to maintain an overview of what needs to be done and help establish a routine in your daily life.

Refill your pillbox

Do you take medicine? Establish a routine for refilling your pill organizer, such as on the same day each week, to ensure you don't miss any doses. Our smart pillbox, Dose Medbox POKT, beeps when it's time to take your medication, and you easily confirm your intake by pressing the button in the box. If you forget the box when leaving home, you'll receive reminders on your phone to take it with you. It's an easy-to-use tool that helps you remember your ADHD medication!

Would you like more tips on assistive devices and how to structure your daily life? Contact an occupational therapist by reaching out to a rehabilitation center.

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