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Dose Medbox™ POKT - The smart pill reminder

895 kr
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Not your average pill container

Dose Medbox POKT is the beautiful and intelligent pill container that can contain up to 2 different tablets or capsules and you can easily carry it around with you. Connect it to the app and get sound alarms right from the medbox. It'll really assist you to remember your meds.

Confirm with just a button

With POKT, you don’t have to open the app to confirm that you have taken your meds, just confirm by pressing the blue button.

Made in Sweden

The POKT is designed and made in Sweden, more specifically, Gothenburg, Sweden. We have worked hard with the design to create this smart pill container, of highest Swedish quality, by making hundreds of small improvements over 3 years in cooperation with over 100 beta-users.

Product Details

Requirements & Specifications

Smart Phone
Needs an iPhone (not included ;)
OS (Operating System)
iOS (version 14.0+)
Up to 30 meters (depending on surroundings)
Temperature range
0 to 40°C
For example it can fit:
Levaxin® 150 mikrogram, 25 x 2 pills
Attentin 10mg, 20 x 2 pills
Equasym Depot 40mg, 5 x 2 capsules
Elvanse 50mg, 10 x 2 capsules
Methylphenidate Alternova 10mg, 20 x 2 pills
Alvedon® 500mg, 6 x 2 pills
Water Resistance
Water repellent
Replaceable CR2032 battery (lasts about 3 to 6 months depending on usage).


Dose Medbox POKT
895 kr