How to give medicine to children – Tips for Parents

How to give medicine to children – Tips for Parents

Are you a parent to a child taking medicine or other pills? Children often struggle to swallow whole tablets, which can result in missed doses. Here are some tips for parents to facilitate the administration of giving medicine to children and ensure that the dosage is taken as prescribed.

Facilitate medication for children:

Ask the doctor if the medication is available in different forms and solutions that make it easier to administer to the child. For example, antibiotics may come in liquid form, and if it tastes bad, you can combine it with food the child likes, such as ice cream or juice.

Children who have difficulty swallowing pills:

Ask the doctor about alternative preparations, e.g., pain killers are often available as a liquid or effervescent tablet, making administration easier. Otherwise, start with the most crucial medication, as it often becomes more challenging after each tablet. Do not crush tablets until you have consulted with the doctor, as some tablets function as a depot in the body and release slowly.

Among parents – easily share responsibility:

To avoid accidentally giving the child double doses or missing a dose entirely, you and your partner can share responsibility in the Dose Medbox app. You'll receive a notification when your partner confirms the medication as given or when the time for intake has passed. With this function, you and your partner can ensure correct medication for your child.
Activate the function by adding a new medication – select "Give to someone else" – "Share."

Older children and medication:

If your child has their own phone, as a parent, you can track your child's intake in the Dose Medbox app. You'll receive a notification when your child confirms their intake, and you'll also be notified if the time for the intake has passed. Through this function, you can support your child while avoiding unnecessary worry.
Activate the function under the "Meds" page – select medication – "Invite a follower."

Additional tips for parents:

Be mindful of whether your child's medication should be taken with or without meals. Some medications should be taken with meals, while others should not be taken during meals. Use Dose Medbox to keep track of which medications should be taken when. Remembering medication at breakfast, lunch, and dinner is often easy, but it can be more challenging to remember what to take and give in between.

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