“Thanks to Dose Medbox, I am a better human being with less worry.”


Parastoo has been taking Levaxin all her life, but when she had children, it became more challenging to remember to take it. The routines and habits changed with two small children, and forgetting the medication became a part of daily life.

"Actually, my medication isn't complicated. I take it once in the morning. But when I had children, it became harder to remember after nights of poor sleep and dealing with family life. Some days, I completely forgot to take the medicine, and on other days, I couldn't even remember if I had taken it or not. Both cases led to waiting until the next day to take the medicine, which had consequences on my well-being."

Parastoo was recommended by a friend to try Dose Medbox and gave it a try.

"I noticed that missing my doses had more and more significant consequences. I felt worse, which made me a worse human being who could handle less. With Dose Medbox, it was super easy to plan my intake, and I can also double-check if I took the medicine as planned. Now, no doses are missed at all, and I am a better human being and a mother who can handle more!"

Family life goes on at Parastoo's home, and as the children grow older, there's more to think about. One thing Parastoo likes about the app is how the reminders work and adapt to whether you are near your medication and can take it.

"Now, I don't have to think about it myself anymore, and I have finally found something I can rely on. I get my reminders when it's time, and what I really like is that I only get reminders when I'm at home and can take it. I don't have to deal with annoying alarms when I can't take my medicine anyway, which just ends up with me turning off the alarm and then forgetting about it. It's actually very nice that the reminders knows whether I can take the medication or not."

The Dose Medbox app offers several features that work excellently for families. The Share feature is one example.

"The kids also take medicine, and my husband and I used to have trouble remembering who gave it when and whether it was given as planned. In the app, we can share responsibility, so I receive a notification when my husband has given the medicine or if the time for planned intake has passed so that I can give it in that case. Now, we never forget to give the children their medicine, and it has also removed a worry from our shared parenthood."

Unfortunately, many people experience anxiety, negative feelings and hopelessness in connection with medication. Parastoo felt this too before she started using Dose Medbox.

"I continue to use Dose Medbox because it meets all my needs related to my own medication as well as the children's. You take medicine because something is wrong, and only that is tough and creates worry, but Dose Medbox has taken this away for me. A lot happens in life, and there is a lot to think about, so it's nice not to have to worry about the medication. Dose is more than just an aid for me, it's more like a friend who is always there that I can rely on. I would recommend everyone to start using Dose Medbox. You think you have everything under control, but life happens and gets in the way. Give it a chance, and I promise you won't stop using the app!"


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